A high percentage of the waste from office buildings such as ours is recyclable. Because of this we recommend that you participate in our single stream recycling process.

All office trashcans will be lined with clear bags. This will indicate to the cleaners that the items inside are recyclable. Plus, there will be no need to separate out recyclable items by type (paper, aluminum cans, bottles or cardboard, etc.) All these items can go into that same waste container and be collected together. However, "wet trash" will be placed in dark bags which will be for open foods and liquids. These black bags would be in areas such as kitchens, break rooms, and restrooms and other selected areas within your office that "wet trash" collection containers reside.

We have structured this program to be as convenient as possible and encourage everyone to participate. Please keep in mind that by participating in our program you are doing your part to protect the environment, save on natural resources, and conserve scarce landfill space. Your participation is greatly appreciated!